Yourway Announces New Flagship European Depot in Dublin, Ireland

The new location will comprise 69,120 square feet, of which more than 90% will be warehouses. When completed, the site will offer all the integrated value-added services offered by Yourway to facilitate the rapid and efficient transport of clinical materials –– clinical trial kits, investigational drugs (IMPs), high-value drugs including APIs, and ancillary materials –– to support clinical trials around the world. The surrounding industrial park is home to a number of leading life science companies, including Pfizer, Gilead, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

your way Dublin The facilities represent a strategic location, allowing easy access to the vast pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical customer base and clinical trial network within the Republic of IrelandYourway was looking for a prime location for a new flagship depot for the whole of the European continent, supported by the company’s depots at London, UK; Bratislava, Slovakia; Kyiv, Ukraine; Minsk, Belarus; and MoscowRussia.

“We have done business in Ireland for over 15 years, so it made sense to establish a repository at Dublin,” said Gulam Jaffer, Founder and President of Yourway. “We see enormous potential for growth through Europe over the next few years, which will bring more opportunities to Yourway.”

The new depot joins Yourway’s existing network of 22 global depots, which, in addition to the European locations mentioned above, includes the company’s headquarters in Allentown, Pennsylvaniaand deposits at Canada, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Israel, South Africa, India, China, Japan, Singapore, and Australia. With this robust global network of GMP depots offering ambient and controlled pallet and shelf locations and packaging capabilities, the company is well positioned to offer its integrated suite of services to support clinical trials anywhere in the world. the world.

About Yourway
Yourway is the only truly integrated high-end clinical packaging and courier service, offering a full range of primary and secondary clinical packaging, ancillary material sourcing, logistics, storage and distribution, and high-end messaging serving the global biopharmaceutical industry. Based at Allentown, Pennsylvania, with a global network of 22 fully managed GMP depots around the world, Yourway is an agile and reliable partner with 25 years of experience. Visit

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