The next delivery of infant formula to Pennsylvania, Biden announced

WASHINGTON, DC (WTAJ) — Another infant formula shipment is expected to leave Europe and is destined to reach Pennsylvania in the coming days, according to President Biden.

After 78,000 pounds of formula landed in Indianapolis, the president caught on Twitter to announce that the next delivery was in preparation.

“I have an update on Operation Fly Formula. We have secured a second flight to transport Nestlé specialty infant formula to Pennsylvania. keep you posted.

President Joe Biden on Twitter

According to a White House statement, 114 pallets of formula would leave Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany and land at Washington Dulles International Airport, then head north via FedEx to a Nestlé factory in Pennsylvania. The Gerber Good Start Extensive HA Expedition can fill approximately 1.4 million 8 oz. bottles, they said.

The second shipment, which is expected to arrive in the “next few days,” was announced by Biden just days after the United States received 78,000 pounds of formula through its Operation Fly Formula. The operation is the result of a major nationwide shortage caused by the closure of Abbott Nutrition by the FDA.

The manufacturer can now receive priority orders for raw materials such as sugar and corn syrup for infant formula, which the White House says will allow the manufacturer to quickly increase production by a third.

Nestlé said that over the past few months it has been working “around the clock” to address formula shortages and help meet demand.

“We have significantly increased the amount of our formulas available to consumers by increasing production and accelerating the general availability of products at retailers and online, as well as in hospitals and home health care for the most vulnerable. vulnerable,” the company said in a statement.

US regulators and Abbott Nutrition hope to reopen its Michigan plant next week, but it will take about two months before the product is ready for delivery. The Food and Drug Administration eased infant formula import requirements this week to try to ease the supply shortage, which has left store shelves empty of some brands and some retailers rationing supplies for parents nervous about feeding their children.

Michael Conroy and The Associated Press contributed to this story.


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