Eric Adams praises NYPD for arrest in murder of Chinese food delivery man

Mayor Adams has nothing against the NYPD’s month-long wait to make an arrest in the cold-blooded murder of a hard-working Chinese food delivery man following a dispute over gravy. duck.

“The worst thing you can do is arrest someone prematurely, have them appear before a grand jury, and have the grand jury declare that you didn’t have enough evidence,” the captain told the Court on Saturday. NYPD retreat at an independent press conference in Brooklyn.

“I take my hat off to the thoroughness of these officers in ensuring we had a solid case when we made our arrest.”

Glenn Hirsch, 50, was arrested on a warrant at his Briarwood apartment on Wednesday and charged with murder, as well as criminal possession of a loaded firearm in connection with the April 30 murder of Zhiwen Yan, 45 years old, authorities said.

Cops also said Hirsch was filmed by surveillance footage circling the Queens restaurant where Yan worked for an hour on the night of the shooting – then seen following Yan in his car before shooting him dead.

A memorial has been built for food delivery courier Zhiwen Yan.
exterior of the great wall chinese restaurant
Chinese food delivery boy Zhiwen Yan worked at the Great Wall Restaurant.
Gregory P. Mango
New York Mayor Eric Adams
Adams praised the “meticulousness” of the police during the arrest.
Stephane Yang

Kai Yang, owner of Great Wall on Queens Boulevard, previously told the Post that a bizarre argument late last year over whether Hirsch should get more duck sauce sparked a series of meetings of increasingly troubling with the suspect, leading to the murder of his employee.

“He was a villain,” Adams said of Hirsch. “What he did to that delivery guy, he should never get out of jail again. He was a bad guy; he was a bad guy. And I’m so glad the officers made the proper arrest.

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