China’s first 24,000 TEU container ship delivered to Evergreen

Ever Alot is the first 24,000 TEU container ship built in China (Chinese state media)

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Evergreen today took delivery of its brand new container ship, Never much, which its Chinese builders are touting as both the largest container ship in the world and their first 24,000 TEU build. Although the vessel has the same dimensions as Evergreen’s South Korean A-class members, the Chinese design resulted in a slight increase in capacity, bringing the vessel to a rated capacity of 24,004 TEUs. South Korean construction Never have delivered in summer 2021 in comparison is rated at 23,992 TEUs.

New Never much is the first of the ships that the Chinese company Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Co, a subsidiary of the China State Shipbuilding Corporation, built for Evergreen. The ship has been delayed by the recent closures in Shanghai, so it will be closely followed by a sister ship Always Aria. Footage released by the CSSC shows the sister ships side by side at the shipyard’s outfitting station.

The Chinese-built vessels were independently designed by Hudong-Zhonghua and the yard reports that it owns the intellectual property rights to the vessel. To impress the magnitude of the ship, the Chinese media provide a series of comparisons. The mega-ship is 1,312 feet long, which the shipyard says is nearly 200 feet longer than the world’s largest aircraft carrier today. It is 200 feet wide and has a deck area of ​​over 24,000 square meters, which the shipyard says is about the size of three and a half football fields.

With a depth of just over 100 feet, the hold they report can carry 240,000 tons of cargo. The maximum stack of containers can reach 25 stories, which is equivalent to the height of a 22-story building, CCTV reported.

In addition to the container ships being built for Evergreen, last week, June 11, the same shipbuilder began the simultaneous construction of two dry docks for two 24,000 TEU container ships being built for MSC. They explained that the staff worked hard to expedite the resumption of work and production of the company making it possible to lay the keel of the two vessels. They are the second and third vessels built for MSC and the yard currently has four 24,000 container ships under construction between the quay and the shipyard.

They highlight several design features for the new class of 24,000 TEU vessels. They incorporated a bubble drag reduction system and shaft generators. The air lubrication system they report not only effectively reduces the vessel’s total energy consumption, but also reduces the corresponding carbon emissions by three to four percent. According to the shipyard, the use of shaft generators can reduce fuel consumption, optimize EEDI energy efficiency indicators, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, at the same time, significantly reduce ship fuel costs. , with considerable economic and social benefits.

The “Hudong-like” design they report also uses a unique small bulbous bow, large-diameter propellers and energy-saving ducts to give the vessel fast performance and low power consumption.

Work began last week on two 24,000 TEU container ships being built in China for MSC (Hudong-Zhonghua) ???????

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