American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 update 1.44 released

SCS Software has updated Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator to v1.44, introducing a host of new features to the games.

SCS Software revealed today (May 12, 2022) that its two truck games – Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator – have now been updated to v1.44 after a three week open beta period.

The Czech developer has teased various map upgrades and new features over the past weeks and months, and is finally able to bring them to its popular trucking franchise.

What’s in Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.44?

We reported on Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) European map updates earlier this year, including complete overhauls for Austrian cities Linz and Innsbruck. SCS Software not only overhauled the whole of Austria, but also updated toll booths in Italy and overhauled some border crossings in the Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC.

ETS2 has also added an accurate mileage system to the game, meaning road signs represent in-game distances to cities or other points of interest.

Features that will be present in both ETS2 and American Truck Simulator (ATS) v1.44 include adding unmarked roads to the map. If players explore these unmarked routes, they will now appear as an orange dotted line on the map HUD, meaning it’s much easier to explore the routes and find Easter Eggs in the future.

Both games also introduce adjustable suspension height, mimicking real-world air suspension, allowing the chassis to be lowered for a low-profile trailer hitch.

The titles also add Mod Refund support, Force Feedback upgrades, and Smart Sequential Shifting – a feature that automatically shifts multiple gears based on the speed and torque available to the player’s truck.

What’s in American Truck Simulator v1.44?

ATS, much like ETS2, features extensive map redesigns, including the second phase of the extensive California redesign. The New Mexico border road network is also receiving special attention and updates.

ATS is also adding low-loader trailers to the game, giving players the option to haul larger loads on bespoke 48ft/53ft trailers with a choice of two, three or four axles.

Special transport routes have also been added to ATS, matching those already present in ETS2. These eight new routes provide additional challenges for players, including oversized load missions and hard-to-master routes.

With a host of upgrades and quality of life improvements to both trucking sims, what features are you particularly looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.44 Changelog


  • Takeover of Austria
  • Exploring unmarked roads
  • Distance signs with accurate mileage system
  • Some older border crossings reworked in Beyond the Baltic Sea
  • Italian Tolls Update
  • Company logo revisions
  • UI road numbers in Corsica/Sardinia
  • Other Map Improvements
Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.44


  • Mod Refund Feature
  • Licensed vs Aftermarket UI in Browsers
  • Force Feedback Upgrade
  • Adjustable suspension height
  • Indoor Camera Horizontal Lock
  • Smart sequential change


  • New Interior option 2022 for Renault T
  • Exterior Interior Models reworked for Renault T

American Truck Simulator v1.44 Changelog


  • 2nd phase of the California revamp
  • Border connections for several New Mexico cities have been updated
  • Some towns in New Mexico have received road repairs
  • Exploring unmarked roads
  • General map bug fixes


  • Mod Refund Feature
  • Licensed vs Aftermarket UI in Browsers
  • Force Feedback Upgrade
  • Adjustable suspension height
  • Indoor Camera Horizontal Lock
  • Smart sequential change
American Truck Simulator v1.44

New special transport routes

  • From Lewiston to Sandpoint
  • Burlington to Lamar
  • From Salina to Cedar City
  • Omak to Yakima
  • Slabs in Salem
  • From Santa Fe to Socorro
  • From Cheyenne to Rock Springs
  • From Winnemucca to Carson City


  • New 2022 Freightliner Cascadia Interior Options
  • Proprietary Drop Deck Trailers

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